Catapults Your Enterprise Software Solutions To Real Time Situational Awareness

Remote Assisted RealityTM, (or RAR) is a transformational technology from Visual Mobility, that extends the capabilities and functionality of traditional Enterprise Software Solutions into the realm of real time situational awareness. Remote Assisted Reality is the ability to capture and stream live audio/video content from real life business scenarios occurring remotely and broadcasting that content to company experts anywhere in the world. This technology uses specially equipped live streaming audio/visual equipment in the form of specialized smartglasses and video cameras that feed the live content in real time into Situational Awareness based transactions, that may subsequently be integrated with new or existing backend Enterprise Applications. Remote Assisted Reality goes beyond a simple live chat or an antiquated phone support. It harnesses new capabilities that offer a slew of benefits to Enterprises in multiple vertical markets, all within the umbrella of data integrity and system security:

  • Empowers field service personnel or even end consumers with real time high defintion audio/video streaming capabilities directly from the scene of the remote repair or troubleshooting being performed.
  • Facilitates prompt response times to real time events and situations.
  • Expedites multi-party collaboration of live situations collectively driving efficient issue resolution.
  • Enables real time resource planning, coordination, management and execution of relevant tasks, which may be preventative, proactive or reactive.
  • Enhances compliance to corporate policies or guidelines, standard operating procedures and regulatory mandates.
  • Connects remote field personnel to in-house or even external experts anywhere in the world for audio/visual based real time assistance.
  • Attaches recorded audio/video log of the event to appropriate transactions for future retrieval, association, analysis and decision making.
  • Facilitates efficient audits, quality control, compliance monitoring and even training due to the availability of recorded audio/video logs for future reference.
  • Increases customer satisfaction, operational efficiencies and corporate reputation, by reducing operational costs, waste, re-work and blind-sided decision making
  • Integrates bi-directionally (ideally in real time) with backend Enterprise Applications over web services, thereby increasing the value of acquired and stored data in the organization.

Remote Assisted RealityTM is an industry term, introduced by Visual Mobility, that represents our growing suite of Remote Assisted Reality software solutions coupled with our approved World Vision Devices. These solutions enable real time transactional updates based on the remote audio/video streams being consumed and processed by our RAR solutions.

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Open Standards RAR Software From VMI Is Agnostic To Backend Enterprise Applications And HD Audio/Video Capture / Live Streaming Devices

Remote Assisted Reality software applications from VMI can consume High Definition Live streaming audio/video content from any duly-equipped (and VMI approved) IP cameras, encapsulates them in our apps and facilitates integration in real time to any backend Enterprise Software platforms over web services. The Remote Assisted Reality software platform from VMI has been developed with the core philosophy of remaining agnostic to the manufacturer of the IP cameras (as long as they meet our minimum requirements), Our RAR Apps are also agnostic to the type of backend Enterprise Applications currently in live operation, or are being planned for enhancement / deployment in the future.

Remote Assisted Reality Devices are High Definition Live Audio/Video Streaming Cameras that can operate through a high speed wireless Internet Connection with the necessary APIs to connect to our RAR apps

The core architecture of our RAR software suite is designed as responsive web applications, enabling ubiquitous access to the transactional or incident records from any Internet connected device equipped with a modern web browser. Helper native apps on IOS and Android mobile devices retrieve native data from the device of the remote user initiating the live audio/visual stream that communicates the information to the centralized web app in real time. Collectively the web apps and native apps offer a seamless user experience with minimal data entry and enable the user to attach a recording of the live stream to the transaction or incident in progress for future reference.

Remote Assisted Reality web apps currently available are VIBES - Visual Intelligence Based Enterprise Services, SIBLE - Situational Intelligence Based Law Enforcement, LITE and the native mobile app for IOS and Android - GeoTrak. The web apps wrap around the RAR devices, adopt their live streams, consolidate them into transactions and integrate with backend transactional and analytical systems

Currently VMI offers three Remote Assisted Reality web apps all of which is integrated to our GeoTrak native app for the iOS and Android mobile platforms. VIBES (Visual Intelligence Based Enterprise Services) is our RAR application for Enterprise Field Services. SIBLE (Situational Intelligence Based Law Enforcement) is our RAR application for Law Enforcement, Security Services and Military Operations. Both of these apps are integrated with the GeoTrak native app for iOS and Android devices. LITE (Live Interactive Transaction Engine) is an entry level web app with minimal functionality and not integrated with the GeoTrak native app. CARTS (Customer Assisted Remote Triaged Services) is our RAR app for Remote Customer Services that opens up an entire new dimension of near-real-time Customer Service by provisioning the end-customer with our RAR Smartglasses. Our development team has a pipeline of web apps for other industries currently under development.

Protected by a default Three Factor Authentication (3FA) protocol, the RAR web apps can be protected even further by an optional 4 Factor Authentication (4FA) protocol which is way above current industry standards, thereby offering a strong defense to the data managed by the RAR apps from cybersecurity breaches. Through web services, the RAR web apps can even be set up to support single-sign-on functionality with backend Enterprise Applications if necessary. Through similar web services, our RAR web apps can exchange data with backend Enterprise Applications in real time or in batch as your business processes demand. In essence our web apps are flexible and configurable to your specific integration needs and can be addressed through our Consulting and System Integration Services.

The core objective of Remote Assisted Reality is the ability to originate an audio/video live stream from a remote location and be able to associate that live content with actual transactional or incidental data automatically. Once this association is made, Remote Assisted Reality requires the associated audio/video/transactional content to be shared through the web app, with another user, such as a co-worker or supervisor, for the purpose of collaboration and seeking qualified expertise to resolve the issue at hand. Furthermore, the benefits of true Remore Assisted Reality can be derived when the same live stream and situational data is shared and propagated even further to multiple duly-qualified intra-company users and even authorized external experts for the same purpose of remote collaboration, expertise sharing, assistance and ultimately issue resolution.

RAR web apps from VMI meet all of these core criteria plus much more, from origination of the real time situational multimedia content, followed by instant collaboration with appropriate qualified parties, with the ultimate goal of resolving the situation at hand quickly, efficiently, safely and most affordably. Highly interactive Situational Awareness dashboards in our RAR web apps offer a consolidated view of each remote field asset including current location, status, engagement and their real time live audio/video feed, for a comprehensive view of the current conditions. In-app instant messaging allows an alternate mode of communication between the collaborators and the remote field user, which comes in very useful when bi-directional voice communication is not possible.

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Empowering Your Enterprise With Concepts And Technology Of Remote Assisted Reality

Remote Assisted Reality refers to the unifying Real Time Remote Situational Intelligence capturing, multi-sharing and recording technology brought to the Enterprise Solutions market by VMI with additional high value solution offerings to further extend into the Enterprise market in the future. Live high definition audio/video streams originating from duly provisioned IP cameras in a remote location can be obtained and consolidated in our RAR software applications along with corresponding transactional data and viewed/processed in a central location from where it can be shared with other remote locations as appropriate, all being able to simultaneously view, act upon and collaborate on the shared content.

Once the original stream being broadcast remotely from the event location is consolidated in VMI's RAR software, experts in a central control room or located anywhere else in the world are able to collaborate on the live situation and provide qualified assistance to the remote user in real time driving to an expedited resolution and adjudication - this is the concept and technology of Remote Assisted Reality.

Our SEENIX Solution Stack consists of our RAR World Vision Devices, the RAR Software Apps and our Consulting and System Integration and Deployment Services. RAR Technology specifically refers to our Remote Assisted Reality web apps and native mobile apps that work together and wrap around the live audio-visual content from our RAR World Vision Devices. Hence as you can understand these two terms are not to be used interchangeably - the SEENIX Solution Stack is the overall umbrella of VMI's solution offering, which encompasses our RAR Technology. Upon engagement with VMI, we will introduce our Remote Assisted Reality Enterprise Solutions to your organization, and present our comprehensive SEENIX Solution Stack, with each component complementing and building upon each other.

Our RAR Software web apps wrap around our approved RAR World Vision Devices and offers a web services based integration layer to integrate with your existing or forthcoming backend transactional and analytical systems. As far as our RAR Capture Devices are concerned, the camera is capable of streaming high definition audio and video as RTMP, RTSP or HLS streams with adaptive bit rates, that is accessible over the Interent. These cameras must have the right durability, battery life (for mobile applications) and form factor that meets our standards, so that we can use that device and wrap our RAR software apps around it. Similarly as long our client's backend system can consume and publish web services both inbound and outbound, to exchange data between our RAR Apps and the external system, we will be able to integrate with that system. This makes either end of our RAR apps, vendor agnostic as long as they meet these minimum requirements. We understand that live audio/video streaming technology will evolve with better compression algorithms, enabling higher resolution frames to be transferred. Our open standards based RAR software ensures that our client's investment in our evolving technology will remain compatible with future technology when it becomes commercially available.

The short answer is any situation where a real time high definition audio visual stream of a live event can be captured, broadcast, remotely viewed as content merged with traditional transactional data, shared, collaborated on and acted upon leading to an expedited resolution, would qualify to use RAR technology.

Applications In ENTERPRISE FIELD SERVICES : Companies spend millions of dollars every year training and dispatching field service technicians to service their installed equipment. If the service technician is unable to address the problem while on site or is unsure of what the problem really is there may be a long drawn out process to pull in additional resources on site to assist, leading to additional costs, longer equipment downtime and end customer dis-satisfaction. Furthermore, a component of the installed equipment could be failing repeatedly and the manufacturer of that component could be unable to figure out the problem without a visual examination. Too many times service technicians have conducted service calls only to find that something as simple as a pulled power cord or an incorrect setting is the root cause.

In today's environment under Remote Assisted Reality, field service technicians arrive at the service location wearing with our RAR Smartglasses, paired with their smartphone connected to our RAR web app - VIBES (Visual Intelligence Based Enterprise Services). Their glasses can connect wirelessly to the onsite client WiFi network or to a 4G LTE Hotspot or to the hotspot on their smartphone. The technician would then log into the VIBES web app and start streaming the repair process on the affected equipment live. Remote in house expert(s) or even external vendors could be invited to view the process live and provide guidance on the repair/troubleshooting/analysis process, order replacement parts right away and essentially get the equipment up and running quickly. In some cases, equipment manufacturers could include these smartglasses as part of the equipment purchase package. In the event of an equipment issue, the client themselves could activate these smartglasses and involve remote customer support immediately. Customer support personnel, viewing the live stream, can engage qualified experts in that same live streaming session and even direct the customer as appropriate to resolve the issue. If the issue is resolved, there would be no need to dispatch a service technician, thereby saving costs and more importantly the client would be up and running right away.

Applications In REMOTE CUSTOMER SERVICE : Yes most definitely and this is an area that we anticipate our Remote Assisted Reality technology would revolutionize the world of Customer Care and Service and Business Growth as we know it. The Internet Of Things has collapsed geographical, political and trade borders, where more and more product manufacturers and service providers are finding customers who are beyond their traditional service areas. Even within an establish service area some companies are experiencing a backlog of service tickets due to a shortfall of service technicians who can actually be dispatched to address customer downtimes. In order to address customer satisfaction issues, these companies are experiencing various increases in operational overheads that is impacting their bottomline. In this business model that is dependent is on the availability of qualified resources in a market of high demand for their skills, the operational efficiency of the business is in question.

What if we flipped the business model? What if the end-customer was equipped with a pair of our RAR Smartglasses? When they call in with a service request, the Customer Service Agent attending to the call would enter the ticket details in our RAR Software application called CARTS - Customer Assisted Remote Triaged Services and request the end-customer to activate the glasses. The live stream initiated by the end customer would show up integrated in the CARTS user interface, enabling the Customer Service Agent to provide Level 1 troubleshooting and resolution. If the issue is beyond the capabilities Level 1 support, the Customer Service agent could invite higher level support through CARTS as a live audio/videoshare and engage support personnel remotely anywhere in the world to resolve the issue in real time. If the issue resolution may even be a decision to replace a component that is malfunctioning and schedule an on-site technician visit or even guide the customer remotely to resolve the problem all by themselves.

This is leverage that has never been experienced in the business world ever before. CARTS enables your business to leverage the end-customer in resolving issues remotely and also optimizes the schedule of your field service technicians. Collectively CARTS adds significant value to your operational efficiencies, optimizes your resource pool, increases customer satisfaction by reducing their downtime and consequently reduces your operational overheads leading to an increased cashflow.

Most definitely and we have an app for that.

Applications In LAW ENFORCEMENT / MILITARY : Law enforcement agencies and even the military can equip officers and soldiers wearing our RAR World Vision Smartglasses during active engagements. Vehicles, patrol boats, drones, aircraft could be fitted with our mounted RAR World Vision cameras, some with 720o coverage. Field personnel and remote transport operators would have access to the RAR web app SIBLE (Situational Intelligence Based Law Enforcement) from their smartphone and connect to a secure Mi-Fi network in the jurisdiction or even a 4G LTE network and be able to stream real time audio-visual content to a central command center. At the command center incident coordinators and mission controllers would be able to view the real time location of every deployed (and standby) asset on an interactive map and be able to view their live stream individually and/or collectively on a video wall for a comprehensive view of the situation. Such an aggregated view can have significant benefits for field personnel safety, planning, coordination, live monitoring and management of the situation. In situations where radio silence is required the SIBLE app can facilitate in-app text communication between the field personnel and the command center, ensuring proper and immediate communication of instructions.

Of course, and it would revolutionize the entire news reporting industry with the sheer simplicity, portability, flexibility and low cost model of the RAR Technology

Applications In NEWS REPORTING : News agencies and networks currently incur significant costs overheads and have to contend with availability of reporters on the field coupled with a camera crew, expensive and bulky A/V equipment and the dependence on expensive satellite communication links to transfer live audio-video content to the central broadcasting station, while dealing with high maintenance broadcasting equipment and resources.

News events often happen unannounced. Now imagine a news agency who have equipped their field reporters with our highly functional and yet low cost RAR World Vision Smartglasses. Equipped with a 4G LTE hotspot and a smartphone to access our upcoming RAR web app for News Reporting. Field reporters no longer have to be dependent on already thinly stretched camera crews, bulky and expensive equipment, vans equipped with satellite dishes. Equipped with RAR Technology, these field reporters can cover a wider range of operation, become more agile, mobile and be able to report live events quickly, accurately and more efficiently at significantly low cost. Imagine beating other news networks to the chase and being the first network with breaking news and original live content coming from remote locations literally anywhere within a 4G LTE network. Being the first to report the news has its obvious benefits such as rights, syndication revenue and increased viewership, leading to more advertising revenue. All of this can be made possible by our RAR technology.

Our RAR software for Enterprise Field Services - VIBES is very versatile and can be adapted to a wide variety of industries such as Capital Equipment Manufacturers, Oil and Gas, Mining, Contracted Service and Maintenance organizations, Marine and Maritime Shipping, Aerospace, Automotive and Life Sciences to name a few. Our RAR app for Law Enforcement and Military can also be extended to industries such as Security Services and Fleet Management. For Healthcare, Biotech and Pharmaceuticals we are in the process of developing apps that would facilitate management of Electronic Batch Records (EBR), Regulatory Compliance, Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA), Equipment Monitoring and Maintenance. The ability to capture remote audio-video content and share it all around the world has significant benefits in applications for Research and Development in all kinds of industries

Please reach out to us for a no-obligation consultation and tell us about your business scenarios where RAR technology could add value and we will provide you with the right advice.


We Empower Your Enterprise With Real Time Situational Awareness Of Your Field Operations Through Remote Live High Definition Audio/Video Content Integrated With Your Backend Transactional Data - First Hand Field Intelligence For Informed Strategic Decision Making and Resolution

Our Remote Assisted Reality Software wraps around our world vision live high definition audio/video streaming equipment and we implement our technology in your organization through our Consulting and System Integration Services

That mission statement succinctly describes our core objectives here at VMI. Visual Empowerment even in a mobile environment, so far has been the missing piece in remote real time situational intelligence in corporate systems. We bridge that gap with the converging technology of our SEENIXTM Solution Stack powered by our RAR World Vision High Definition Live Audio/Video streaming devices, our Remote Assisted RealityTM Enterprise Software Suite - SEENIX and our Consulting And System Integration Services.

Live audio/video streaming technology has improved significantly over the past few years, as have audio/video compression technology carried by high bandwidth Internet connectivity services all over the world using cellular data (such as 4G LTE) exchange networks. Technology related to the Internet Of Things with specialized wearables and vehicle, vessel, drone and aircraft mounted technology capable of streaming live audio/video content over the Internet is on a steady climb to unprecedented levels of sophistication with very compact form factors.

VMI leverages the wholesome growth in these industries in the Internet Of Things and through our Remote Assisted Reality Technology Solutions, we merge real time situational awareness data captured by such specially equipped live audio/video content capture and streaming capabilities, into Enterprise Solutions. Organizations no longer have to rely solely on blind-sided text or telephone communication based information for making the right business and operational decisions. Now organizations can leverage our unifying technology that infuses live high definition audio/video content into existing transactional data for situational intelligence converging from remote locations. Such a convergence of HD multimedia content, can provide significant benefits to the Enterprise . Increased operational efficiencies, health and safety of personnel, enhanced compliance profile, improved customer satisfaction through significant reduction of issue resolution timeframes, are significant benefits - all leading to reduction of operational overheads, enabling increased cashflow and profitability of the business.

Based in San Diego, CA, VMI is led by a team of thoroughbred professionals in the Executive Leadership Team with extensive hands-on experience consulting, programming and implementing major ERP systems for small and medium sized businesses, as well as Fortune rated organizations in the United States and abroad. With a combined technical and business management experience of over 100 years in the ELT, at VMI we position ourselves as innovators of converging technologies to empower our clients with the speed and power of real time audio visual mobility, extending their current investment in backend transaction and analytical processing systems. The equity of our professional backgrounds has strongly influenced the design, architecture, functionality and release management of our Remote Assisted Reality software solutions, that can be accessed securely from any internet connected device equipped with a web browser and integrated easily over web services to other existing or forthcoming corporate systems.

In addition to being a converging technology company we also embed consulting and system integration services into our solutions. Our tenure in consulting and system implementation has enabled us to develop a proprietary methodology that we call System Deployment Life Cycle (SyDLC) built upon the Agile Framework to deliver our comprehensive solutions. Just like our converging technology, SyDLC is also a unifying implementation methodology that merges our RAR World Vision devices and Remote Assisted Reality software, with your business processes, your people and integration with your backend systems, all under the umbrella of system security. The term Remote Assisted RealityTM is a trademark of Visual Mobility, Inc.

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VMI is an active member of the Agile Alliance.

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